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MINIRAD company is involved mainly in the development and production of the specialized measuring equipments and techniques for ionizing radiation measurements. The measuring systems are designed as "Virtual Instruments (VI)" consisting of measuring HW part and human interface SW Control Panels. This concept guarantees high potential for long-term upgradeability and so cost efficiency for user.
  Most of MINIRAD efforts, products and applications are in the field of clinical dosimetry for RADIOTHERAPY.
Reference and Routine class Electro / Dose / Baro / Thermometers and Ionization Chambers, Daily QA
Instruments  |  Detectors - ICs  |  Phantoms
Radiation fields mapping, Dynamic wedges,
Beam QA, MLC QA, Daily QA
Instruments  |  Detectors - ICs, DDs, MATRIXes  |  Phantoms
Patient IMRT treatment plans verification,
Direct measurement on patient,
Intercomparison, QA study
Instruments  |  Detectors - ICs, DDs, MATRIXes  |  Phantoms
  With respect to high-precision features of many MINIRAD instruments, they can be used also in the field of METROLOGY.
  The fact that the MINIRAD measuring systems are designed as "VIs" easily allows to create customized solutions in the field of SCIENCE.
MR 4321 (AUG 2018)
New MATRIX Detector for Beam QA - Profiles X / Y / XY / -XY for Fields up to 20x20 cm
MR 1414 (JUL 2018)
New ELECTROMETER  MR 1414 for InVivo measurement using smart Diode Detectors (sDD) - DD Automatic Identification, Automatic DD temper. compensation, storing of Calibr. & Correction data in smartDD
MR 1202
New ELECTROMETER for Routine Measurement using Ionization Chambers
MR 1404
New ELECTROMETER for InVivo measurement
MR 1700 Sources
New Family of Current Sources for Electrometer Tests / Calibrations
MR 4000 Matrix Detector Series
NEW family of Matrix Detectors will be introduced in 2Q 2015.
MR 2202/3 ICs
NEW Routine Class Ionization Chambers 0.3 ccm
MR 163* PTH Meters
for Ambient Measuring
NEW family of very compact BARO /THERMO /HYGRO-METERs designed as Virtual Instruments consisting of HW smart Probe and SW Control Panels.
MR 29** Configurator
for all  MINIRAD  Cable Adapters  &  Extension Cables - in the Excel file you can easily customize any Cable Adapter configuration. You can choose any signal connector (coax/triax/..., bayonet/thread, male/female) and if needed the separate high-voltage terminal at any adapter side, customizable lenght, retractable version on a reel etc. 
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